Welcome to Neighbors!

Your neighborhood pub!  Stop on in and you'll see that Neighbors encompasses all the staples of a great neighborhood bar and more. We've got darts, pool, Nascar, poker, Wi-Fi for your convenience and karaoke along with many different special events that are held on a regular basis. We offer a friendly, laid back environment with a plethora of fun and friendly bartenders.

Located on the northwest corner of 75th Ave. and Peoria, Neighbors has been at the same location for the last 21 years. We've got a great, loyal clientele who loves to party and have fun! We invite you to come on in and join us!

Important information for Poker Players in regards new Monthly events I Plus please see Poker stats page.
New announcements: Well not sure how new this news is. I will be the first to say I'm really bad at updating this page. Gary and Sharon have sold Neighbors to Tammy and Charley Zollman.  Tammy use to own the Ditch (When it was a clean, good bar. Back in the day she was my toughest competition). We are retiring, I from the Bar biz, Sharon from Phoenix Day School for the Deaf. While we have had other offers to buy Neighbors we have been waiting (two years) for T & C to move back from Pine Top and take up the helm of Neighbors. Our primary reason for waiting was because Tammy and Charley are a perfect fit for YOUR BAR. They are not new to the small family type bar and will treat you like the freinds you are...Sharon and I will miss you all terribly this summer but will be back this fall.
Trust me when I tell you that Tammy and Charley are good folk. I ask that you to give them some time and a fair chance.
 It was definitly time for some change and she and Charley will  bring that new energy that you deserve and I have been lacking of late. Too you our freinds we say thank you and we hope to see you around at Neighbors.
Love you guys,
Sharon and Gary