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        1. 请百度搜索六安曙光铂尊酒店关键词找到我们!



            酒店临湖而建,拥有客房248间 (套),客房大床房106间,双床房133间,套房9间,均50平米的独立空间,拥有棋牌房、儿童房、情侣圆床房等主题客房,豪华舒适。近30万平方米的园林景致优美宜人,与静静的白鹭湖浑然天成,坐拥白鹭湖,住在公园里,都市氧吧让您闹中有静,远离尘嚣。



           Lu’an Sunstone Plaza Hotel is a subsidiary of the Sunstone Group which was built with the national five-star standard.Located in the Economy and Technology Development Zone of Lu’an, Anhui, the hotel is 10 minutes’ drive from the downtown, 8 minutes’ drive from the highway, 15 minutes’ drive from the railway station, 50 minutes’ drive from Xinqiao International Airport of Hefei City. By driving, you can reach TiantangStockaded Village, a grade AAAAA scenic spotby 150 minutes,Wanfo Lake by 105 minutes,JinzhaiRevolution Museum by 70 minutes,Longjinggou valley by 70 minutes,Great Rift Valley in West Anhui by 60 minutes, Zhaoqing Temple by 60 minutes,Hengpaitouscenic area by 60 minutes, andDushan Revolution Site by 50 minutes. Lying adjacent to BailuLake, the tranquility and picturesque viewof the hotel make it aperfect spot for casual vacation and business conference.

           The hotel standson the lakeshore with 248 guest rooms (suites), including 106 double rooms, 133 twin-bed rooms and 9 suites, each of which covers an independent space of 50 m2. We also provide themed rooms such as chess&card room, children’s room, round-bed couple room, etc. Stretching about 300,000 m2, theidyllic garden sceneriesare in pleasant harmony with the serene Bailu Lake. Our garden-like hotel will take you far away from the madding city crowd.

           We have elegant Sun Cafe, noble Pearl Palace, classic Sunstone Hall, luxurious SunStone Hall and tranquil Sky Lounge. There are many ideal venues that are well-equipped for conferences and meetings in the hotel,including aninternational conference center that coversan area of over 2,500 m2, a lakesidelawn of 2,000 m2, a Banquet Hall of 800 m2, and 9 conference rooms of different sizes, 26 private rooms of various styles and a total of over 2,500 dining seats. The authentic west Anhui cuisines and Sunstone family banquets at the hotel will bring your taste buds a wonderful sensation.

           Diverse kinds of exercising and entertainment facilities are established, such as footpath around the lake, bicycle stops, aqua golf, tennis court, chess & card rooms, spa, indoor swimming pool, ping pong room, snooker, table football, VR game console, indoor playground, yoga room and gym. We promise to “care for each moment” and provide you incomparable quality service and a relaxing and refreshing experience.